Hello Pioneer Valley!

I wanted to introduce myself and my family to the Pioneer Valley! My name is Wesley ("Wes") Legg. I have been an attorney for over 10 years. After the pandemic hit our country, my wife, Elena and I took a look at our situation and decided it was time to move back to Elena's hometown (area) - Western Massachusetts. It was the best decision we have made as a family. While it was not an easy decision to leave Chester County, I know that I have the support of my family and friends with this decision.

I look forward to serving the Pioneer Valley and becoming a resource to all residents of the Pioneer Valley!

Family Law

What is a cornerstone of Family Law? The answer is Divorce. Attorney Wesley W. Legg offers experienced, personalized representation to clients in Hampshire County and throughout the greater Pioneer Valley in all Family Law matters including:

Choosing a divorce attorney can be a difficult process. There are many family law attorneys in the Pioneer Valley and narrowing the options can be a daunting task. How do you find the attorney who is right for you? You need an attorney who is experienced in family law and familiar with the local courts in Hampshire, Hampden and Franklin Counties; Wesley is attorney who will listen to your needs and address them with a straight forward approach.

An Experienced Divorce Attorney in Northampton, MA

Attorney Wesley Legg understands that every fact pattern is different, and each client’s life and particular circumstances are unique. Wesley listens to your needs and concerns and then works with you to explore your legal options, develop a plan, and pursue your goals.

Whether you are facing a divorce, custody, a support case, or other family law matter, you need a highly qualified and experienced family law attorney. Wesley W. Legg will tackle your family law problems with a personal touch not too often seen from attorneys. He has helped many clients through the emotions of the family law process while advocating for the results they need.

Contact us today to arrange for a consultation, and learn more about how we can help you with your family law matter. We look forward to working with you.