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Wesley Legg puts his experience to work for you in the various areas of family law in West Chester and Chester County, Pennsylvania. The firm’s primary focus is family law – but, what is family law?

What is Family Law?

Family law deals with legal changes in family relationships, such as divorce, and with the resolution of disputes connected with those changes. Parties to family law matters rely on the law to bring about a just resolution and look to their attorneys to help them achieve good results — results that Wesley Legg are experienced in achieving. Here are some examples of family law matters that Wesley handle:

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Wesley W. Legg Divorce Attorney West Chester, PA


Divorce Divorce in Massachusetts. There are two main roads to obtaining a divorce decree in Massachusetts: a no-fault divorce and a divorce based on fault grounds. I recommend in most circumstances, and most people prefer to use the no-fault divorce as their… Read More
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Wesley W. Legg Equitable Distribution Attorney West Chester, PA

Equitable Distribution of Marital Property

Equitable Distribution of Marital Property The Commonwealth of Massachusetts uses the process of “equitable distribution” to distribute the marital property, including debts, during a divorce. Generally, all assets and liabilities (debt) acquired during the marriage, no matter who… Read More
Attorneys: Wesley W. Legg
Wesley W. Legg Child Custody Atorney West Chester, PA

Child Custody

Child Custody Attorney Wesley Legg has helped countless Pennsylvania and Chester County residents navigate the high emotion and high stakes of child custody. Now, Wesley is bringing his experience to Western Massachusetts. This area of family law is unlike any oth… Read More
Child and Spousal Support

Child and Spousal Support

Child and Spousal Support Under Pennsylvania law, both parents are responsible for supporting their children in proportion to each parent’s respective income. Your financial circumstances will help determine your support obligations. If you have children who are under the a… Read More
Wesley W. Legg Family Mediation West Chester, PA

Divorce (Family) Mediation

Divorce (Family) Mediation If you are contemplating divorce, it is important to know your rights and options moving forward. Getting a divorce does not have to be an emotionally painful, financially draining, and a time-intensive process. The Law Office Wesley W. Legg, Esquire… Read More
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Additional Family Law Ser…

Additional Family Law Services

Additional Family Law Services Many people think primarily of divorce when they hear the phrase “family law,” but there are many services that fall within the practice of family law. The Law Office of Wesley W. Legg, Esquire is ready to help you reach your goals by inf… Read More