Wesley Legg helped my husband and I created our long over-due wills. We were not sure if we should use one of those "create a Will packages" online or work with an actual lawyer. Speaking with Wes, we knew we were in much better hands leaving it to a real professional. He was very helpful and quick with drafting our Wills before our meeting. He was very knowledgeable and able to clearly explain any questions we had. We are very impressed with the thoroughness and promptness of his work. We would recommend Wes without a doubt to anyone.

Posted by Andrea, a Wills Client.

Mr. Legg worked as quickly as he could knowing I wanted this finalized fast. Kept me informed as best as he could being I live out of state. Also worked with cost being a service member.

Posted by Keith, a Divorce client.

I used Mr. Legg to assist me with drafting and finalizing a Prenuptial Agreement between myself and my fiance prior to our wedding. He was very knowledgeable about Prenuptial litigation and recent developments, and Mr. Legg took the time to explain the necessity for a full financial disclosure. He is very knowledgeable about family law and is an experienced litigator in family court. I felt very comfortable working with Mr. Legg on this matter, and I would certainly recommend him to family and friends.

Posted by Lauren R.

I found Wesley to be a strong advocate for my case in many ways. He was informative at all times without being condescending. He is very familiar with, and comfortable in the Domestic Services court process in Delaware County as well as the individuals (clerks, Masters, etc). This trait cannot be emphasized enough. Having represented myself in a previous child support hearing, I realize that this familiarity is critical.

Worthy of note, I was admittedly nervous about the outlay of cash required to hire an attorney for this process. Wesley was up front about the firm's payment policies and did not set unreasonable expectations just to get my business. While I did not get everything I wanted (no one ever does), I got the adjustments to which I was entitled. For me, this was an informed investment from which I received a good value.

Posted by Jim, a Child Support client

I finally found Jane Marks after being disappointed by other attorneys. She is extremely knowledgeable , ethical, and hard working. If someone can get the job done, it is definitely Jane. I would not think twice about recommending her . She will never steer your wrong and will do all that is in her power to help. Phone calls are always promptly returned and she always stays on top of things. In addition to a very smart attorney, you also get a compassionate person who understands your situation and treats you like a human being and not just a client. Jane actually cares about the people she is working for and understands the gravity of the issues at hand.

There are many unethical and just bad lawyers out there. No matter how bad the opposing attorney may be, Jane sticks to her morals , ethics, and fairness which she is known for. She is respected and well liked by all. She is well respected by her peers and always held in high regard. Her courtroom presence is definitely felt and her expertise and opinions are held in high regard by the judges.
Anyone seeking a Family Law attorney , whether it be divorce or child custody, should look no more and just go see Jane Marks.

Posted by Angelo, family law client.

I went into my divorce not knowing the first thing about how a divorce worked. Wesley was referred to me by a co-worker of mine who spoke very highly of him. Nervous to take the appropriate steps to get the divorce finalized, was an understatement. Wesley walked me through every step and guided me to make smart decisions instead of caving to make it easier. I was very comfortable knowing that I would get his honest opinion throughout the whole process. I will certainly hire him again if need be.

Posted by Jill, a divorce client.

Wesley really took the time to explain the process and made me feel comfortable discussing my will and other documents. He was professional and prompt. I highly recommend Wesley!

Posted by Harriet, a Estate Client.

Wesley helped bring about closure for a financial situation that involved family members that we had for years. He is trustworthy and diligent and kept us informed constantly. I was totally surprised that he was able to settle this matter so quickly and honorably. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family.

Posted by Diane, a Family Law Client.

I have used Mrs. Marks for representation for over two years now. She has done an amazing job in making sure that my needs as a client have been looked after with the utmost professionalism. I have been dealing with a very high conflict child custody case and she has not missed a beat in looking after what is best for my daughter and myself. She is extremely knowledgeable and knows family laws inside and out, she leaves no stone unturned. She sets the right expectations and picks the best course of action on how to approach the matter at hand. She kept me in the loop with everything occurring and could not have been better with communication whether it be through a phone call or an email after hours at night. Most of all she handles herself with honesty and integrity in both what to expect and how she presents her case. I would highly recommend Jane Marks to anyone looking for a strong, knowledgeable attorney who will fight for your best interests.

Posted by Shane, a Family Law Client.